Tradeshow image of Dan and Saul

To celebrate our 19th birthday, we decided to celebrate in style with a new look! Welcome to our new and improved website!

Our company started with a $500 investment from each of us, and we can now say that it was the best $1000 ever spent! Our new name Incredible Group Inc. is a testament to how far we have come, all with the help of an absolutely incredible team!

From our roots as Incredible Novelties Inc., to the creation of the Incredible Incentives Inc. division, followed by securing a long term partnership with Globber USA, along with innovation, licenses and adventures, we are so thrilled to have expanded our portfolio to house three incredible divisions: Incredible Play, Incredible Novelties, and Incredible Incentives!

We can’t wait to work with you and are so excited for what the future holds! Here’s to another 19 years of incredible fun!