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Incredible B-Ball Hoop

SKU : TOY33138

In Stock

Product Description

Unleash your inner basketball superstar with the Incredible B-Ball Hoop! Elevate your game to new heights with this premium basketball hoop designed for maximum fun and action. Whether you're a budding athlete or just looking to shoot some hoops for leisure, the Incredible Hoop delivers a slam-dunk experience.

Featuring a sturdy and durable construction, the Incredible B-Ball Hoop ensures long-lasting performance and withstands intense play. The adjustable height allows players of all ages to enjoy the game, making it perfect for family fun or solo practice sessions. With its sleek design and vibrant colors, the Incredible Hoop not only adds excitement to your play area but also becomes a stylish focal point.

Product Information

Inner Case Quantity: 0
Master Case Quantity: 6
Product Dim (L"xWxH"): 21 x 2.3 x 16
Package Type: GIFT BOX
Package Dim (L"xWxH"): 21 x 2.3 x 16
Inner Dim (L"xWxH"): 0
Master Dim (L"xWxH"): 21.6 x 18 x 16.5
Product Weight: 3.4 lbs
Carton Weight: 22 lbs
UPC Code: 834249006185

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