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Pokémon Select Collection 2" Figure with Case

897 Sold in 24 hours

SKU : WCT 95354

In Stock

Product Description

Enhance your Pokémon team with this assortment of select 2-inch, in-scale Pokémon figures with an included display case and special red and silver foil packaging! There are six static figures to choose from: Snubbull, Aipom, Jigglypuff, Growlithe, Pancham and the iconic Pikachu. With authentic details and dynamic action poses, each special figure is ready for your next Pokémon battle! The included display cases are stackable and perfect for showing off your Pokémon collection. Gotta Catch Em All! Suitable for ages 4 years and up.

Product Information

Inner Case Quantity: 0
Master Case Quantity: 12
Product Dim (L"xWxH"): 2.375 x 3.13 x 4.13
Package Type: Window Box
Package Dim (L"xWxH"): 2.375 x 3.13 x 4.13
Inner Dim (L"xWxH"): 2.5x3.3x4.3
Master Dim (L"xWxH"): 10x10.3x5.4
Product Weight: 0.24 lbs
Carton Weight: 3 lbs
UPC Code: 889933953542

Snubull Item: 95341 UPC: 889933953412
Aipom Item: 95342 UPC: 889933953429
Jigglypuff Item: 95343 UPC: 889933953436
Growlithe - TIMED EXCLUSIVE Item: 95344 UPC: 889933953443
Pancham - TIMED EXCLUSIVE Item: 95551 UPC: 889933955515
Pikachu #7 - TIMED EXCLUSIVE Item: 95552 UPC: 889933955522

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