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Exclusive Deluxe Slime Kits

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SKU : CA 18951WM

In Stock

Product Description


Make Your Own Textured Slime with this kit – includes everything you need to make Sand Slime, Foam Slime, Pom Pom Slime, Clear Beads Slime! Create different textures with everything included, and make your own creation!

Contains 1 clear glue, 1 slime activator, 4 pots colorant, 1 bag foam beads, 1 bag beads, 1 bag sand, pom poms, 4 cups with lids, 1 measuring cup, 2 mixing bowls, 6 slime sticks, 1 spoon and instructions.



Make Your Own Slime - Ooey, Gooey and Super Shiny! Create new slime in disco ball, unicorn, mermaid, shiny foil and pearlescent shiny colours with everything you need in this kit! It’s easy to make at home and with friends, try it yourself! Includes 1 clear glue, 1 bottle slime activator, 2 pots colorant, 1 bag of foil, 3 bags of confetti, 4 cups with lids, 1 measuring cup, 2 mixing bowls, 6 slime sticks, 1 spoon and instructions.

Specifications not available.

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